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About Us

About Us

The best experience for Agriculuturists /Bio-Technologists / Food-Technologist /Chemists /Scientists/Analyst /Mentor/Professsors-Lecturers/volunteers/Interns/Students / Teachers /Trainers/Social Workers/Researchers/ Innovators /Travelers , the best value for Nepal.

Why Nepal?

Nepal is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich and welcoming country in the world.Nepal is very rich in diversity where temperature and culture differs every minutes of distance . It is home to Mount Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and an astonishingly beautiful and diverse landscape, ranging from the well-known peaks of the Himalaya to the low-lying regions of the Terai-Madesh. The Nepali people are as diverse at the geography, with over 70 languages or dialects and scores of traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year.

However, Nepal is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world with low rates of literacy, high rates of poverty and a persistent gender imbalance. The government is frequently unable to provide adequate education and health facilities throughout the country and both urban and rural areas are forced to live without necessary resources to promote growth and development of their communities:

  • 42% of the population live below the poverty line on less than $240 a yearˆ
  • 15,000 orphans are living on Kathmandu's streets
  • 42% of the population of Nepal are unemployed¹
  • 51% illiteracy rate throughout Nepal¹
  • 2.5 doctors are available for each 100,000 inhabitants²
  • 54% of Nepali children are malnourished³

Our mission is to encourage and invite as many Agriculturists /Mentors /Technologists/Environmentalist /Development Engineers/Architech -Interiors /Urban Farming Experts/Food Technologists /volunteers,Interns ,Researchers , Trainers, Students ,Innovators as possible to improve this situation, while they are experiencing the rich culture, natural splendor and daily life of Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Under umbrella of Agripreneurs Nepal There are SAF ( School of Agribusiness & Urban Family Farming ) , UFC ( Urban Family Farmers Cooperative ) in action to implement Agricultural methodology & Technology as well as all Bio-Technologies plus Food technology .Technology such as Aquaponics, Biofloc ,Hydroponic,Aeroponics, Heliculture-Helix,Spirulina ,Soilless Vertical Urban Zero waste Farming and Agribusiness being offered to potential youths and building the capacity of women and youths so that Nepal's Poverty can be reduced through Agriculture and mainly through Agri- Commodity Market & Organic Food Production .We are focused to achieve the goal set by UN FAO -Zero Hunger ,Climate Change, Family Farming , Organic Food , Sustainable Farming and so on .

Why Agripreneurs'Nepal?

Agripreneurs' Nepal seeks to address the issues of literacy, poverty and gender imbalance by partnering with institutions and organizations and ensures that the progress made is sustainable. Agripreneurs' Nepal co-ordination with School of Agribusiness & Urban Family Farming - SAF , UFC- Urban Family Farmers Cooperative and all stakeholders Agriculture , Agro Tourism , Youth & Women Empowerment , Capacity Build up , Education & Skill Development ,construction, health, environmental, educational and income generating projects throughout economically poor areas of Nepal. These projects provide opportunities for national and international Agriculturists ,Technologist , Bio-Technologists , Food Technologists , Archi-Tech ,Veterinarian ,Urban Agriculturists volunteer,Interns , Researchers , Innovators to assist in the development of Nepal. Agripreneurs' Nepal also runs a cultural exchange program, Nepali language and cultural classes Organic Farm Stay and a home stay program in Nepal.

Collaborating ,Volunteering, Internship ,Research ,Innovation work in Nepal can be an extremely rewarding and life-changing experience. Your efforts can bring great changes in the lives of individual people and the wider community. In the difficult times that Nepal is now facing, your contribution of time or resources is extremely valuable.

Agripreneurs' Nepal is a registered Non Profit NGO ,with Registration No.1362 .Agripreneurs' Nepal was founded by group of youths who are dedicated in serving to help reduce poverty and offer marketable education to youths , women , children and local farmers all over Nepal. In Nepal , rootcaue of Poverty is the lack of marketable education , lack of Market to poor local farmers , lack of technical Knowledge and lack of seed fund to start up with any small enterprise for their income generating . Also another rootcause is lack of skills , lack of skilled human resources and so on .

Hence Our Mission is to help reduce Poverty by building the capacity of Agripreneurs - local farmers ,youths & Women & offering them skills of Agribusiness & Commodity Market plus handover and transfer technology & knowledge .

Vision - The root cause of Poverty in Nepal is lack of skills , lack of marketable education , lack of seed fund ,lack of market ,lack of skilled Human Resources , Lack of technology and so on .Agripreneurs' Nepal therefore envision to offer skill development Trainings to Agripreneurs-youths , women & Local Farmers all over Nepal and run capacity building Program through out all 77 districts all Over Nepal . Also we help Agripreneurs, local farmers set up their local Commodity market and we engage them into microfinancial activities through their Farmers Cooperatives so that they could do micro saving and get seed money from Local Farmers Cooperative and start their small enterprises .Also, thus formed Farmers Cooperative give market access to the local people mainly the farmers and Agripreneurs'Nepal facilitate among all stakeholders so that we all together can help reduce poverty

Goal - Help reduce Poverty through Agriculture - Urban Family Farming (UFC ) ,School of Agribusiness & Urban Family Farming - SAF , Commodity Market ,Machhaghar Complex Agro-Tourism,Agribusiness ,Organic Farming

Objectives & Activities -

 AgriPreneurs' Nepal and through " School of Agribusiness & Urban Family Farming - UFC " , UFC- Urban Family Farmers Cooperative , Nepal Agro-HomeStay ( HomeStay Nepal ) aim to -

1. enhance the capacity and skills of all Agripreneurs - local farmers of all over Nepal and inspire educated youths towards Agribusiness ,organic farming and Agro-Tourism through HomeStay ,Organic Farm House , Agripreneurship , Urban Family Farming .

2.bring market and market mechanism Commodity Market with all technology in all villages,Municipalities ,Rural Municipalities of Nepal

3.teach and train local poor Agripreneurs -farmers to practice Urban Family Farming -UFC & Agribusiness Commerical Agripreneurship and engage into Agro-Tourism by shaping their homes and small farm into Organic Homestay and Farm House and Agribusiness.

4. In Nepal the major critical challenge of farmers are mainly - market , technology knowledge , investment finance ,therefore Agripreneurs' Nepal aim to address all these challenge and bring new generation into farming , Agro-Tourism & Agri-entrepreneurship .

5.In Nepal the other critical problem is that Farmers use pesticides and chemicals a lot just in the lack of proper skills and knowledge of organic farming and benefits of organic products ,therefore Agripreneurs' Nepal aim to provide practical training and skill development of Family Farming ,Urban Farming , Commercial Farming , Commercial Agripreneurship ,organic Integrated Farming in all over Nepal and we have aimed to offer guarantee market with profitable price of organic products produced by organic farmers.

6.Nepal is rich in diversity , rich in Natural Resources , rich in culture where temperature and culture diverse in every minute and in every kilometer so we aim to promote “ Travel with Purpose Tourism “ Agro-Tourism , HomeStay Tourism , Go Green Tourism ,

7.We aim to promote and Market tourists for all our chains of HomeStay and Farm House all over Nepal .

8.Our Aim is to partner and collaborate with High Schools , Colleges , Universities inside Nepal and from every corner of the World with exchange of ideas, knowledges , skills , support , tourism , and so on for our mutual benefits

9. Urban Farmily Farming , Commercial Farming , Vertical Farming , Aquaponics , Hydroponics, Biofloc Fish Farming , Fishery ,Organic Farming , RoofTop Farming , Agro-Tourism , Homestay Management , Farm Design , Technology in Agriculture , Market Support , and so many are we doing

10. Agripreneurs' Nepal , SAF- School of Agribusiness & Family Farming , UFC- Urban Family Farmers Cooperative , Nepal Agro HomeStay ( HomeStay Nepal ) is always open door for every possibilities .

We believe in - “ Lets Unite and Cooperate together to re-build a cleaner , greener ,Organic and More Sustainable Nepal & contribute towards better world “

Our Projects and Programs -

A. UFC- Urban Family Farmers Cooperative ,Chain of Home Stay & Organic Farm House all over Nepal

B. School of Agribusiness & Family Farming - SAF

C. Aquaponics, Biofloc,Hydroponic, Aeroponics ( ABHA Nepal )

D. Heliculture - Helix & Spirulina


D.Rabbitry / Rabbit Farming

E. Black Chicken , Quail , Guinea Fowl …. Poultry and Live Stock

F. Pepinomellon ( Japanese Apple )

G. Moringna  & Castor

H. Red Panda Conservation & Research Center

I. Dolphin Conservation & Research Center

J. Agripreneurs Human Resource Production - Agriculturist Training Center

K. Nagarkot HomeStay , Farm House & Research Center

L. Nagarkot Meditation Yoga Center - Spiritual Tourism

M. TV/Radio/Online TV Media Project

N. Documentary /Photography/Videography/Film Making Project

O. Hospitality & Event Management /Shopping Complex / Fish & Meat Mart / Aquaponic Palace / Café Restaurant /Coffee Shop , Resort /Farm House Project

P. IT /Media & E-commerce /Social Media & Digital Marketing Project

Q. Innovation & Study & Research Center

R. Volunteering /Internship / Fellowship / Research /Study program /Exchange Program

S. Music/Dance /Instrument/ Instruction & Training

T. Waiter/Cook/ Hospitality & Event Management Training Center/ OJT ,Job Placement

U. Entrepreneruship ,Social Enterpreneurship , Agripreneurship ,Mentorship , Fellowship,Scholarship

V. Business Study ,Business Plan , Product Design , Project Design , Promotion ,StratagyPlan & SWOT Analysis

W. Accounting /Financial Analysis /Auditing /CA - Charter Accounting/ Fund Management

X. Documentation / Administration ,Report Writing ,Content Writing , Manual Handouts and book writing/ Research Methodology

Y. Animal Caring / Pet Animals, Life Science , Veternarian

z. Livestock ,Poultry , Pig Keeping , Goat Keeping , Bee Keeping , Fish keeping , Rabbit Farming ……

a. Handicraft ,Leather craft ,Fashion Design ,Sewing , Bamboo craft , Fiber handicraft ,

b. Technologies in Agriculture ,Rural & Urban Farming

c. Tourism Projects

d. Red Panda Research Center

e. Yoga /Meditation /Healing /Aerobic /Therapy ………

f. Re-habitation Center

g. Sports & Recreational Programs

h. Marketing ,Promotional , Publishing ,Advertising , Digital Promotional Project

I. Interior Design ,Decoration , Archi-tech design

j. Integrated Farm Design , Permaculture Farming

k. Mobile / Laptop/ TV Repairing Center & Hardware

l. Website Design /Logo Design / Flex Design / Banner Design / Graphic Design

m. Software & Apps Development

n. Teacher Training , Skill & Vocational Training

o. Monastery Volunteering ,Monastery Teaching & Learning Program

p. Wild Lives & Natural Resources Conservation , Research & Study Program

q. Women/Youths & Local Farmers Empowering & Capacity building Program

r. Co-operatives /Microfinance Projects

s. Library & School Project

t. Teaching , School Management Program

u. OJT / Internship ,job placement Program

v. Student Exchange Program

w.Travel Tour Package / HomeStay / Resort /Hotel / Hospitality Management

x. Trekking / Hiking / Rafting / Adventurous / Mountaineering /

y. Green Project / Forest Conservation / Plantation,Environmental & Climate Change

z. Waste Management / Organic Composting / Recycling

1.Solar Power / Alternative Energy Innovation & Implementation

2.Health , Sanitation ,Nursing , Medical , Hospital Project & Program

3.English Teaching-Learning / Chinese Teaching Learning / Japanese Teaching -Learning / Korean Teaching -Learning / Spanish Teaching -Learning / French Teaching -Learning / Nepali Teaching - Learning / Sanskrit Teaching - Learning

4.Painting / Art Drawing / Creative work

5.Manual Work & Physical Construction / Civil Engineering , Agriculture Engineering

6.Football / Cricket / Tennis / Basket Ball /Karatte/Taikwando / Fitness Club / Coach Intstructor

Technology Workshop & Training

Marketing , Product Design , Value Added skill ,branding and promotion skill training

Awareness program in all 77 districts - Awareness on Organic food , Organic Farming , Micro saving

Youths in Action - Agripreneurs'Nepal is engaging educated youths in green plantation , sanitation Awareness , Environmental activities and so on







Namaste Nepal !

  1. Ms. Deepika Basnet - Founder President & CEO
  2. Mr.Prabin Thapa - Founder Member
  3. Mr.Surendra Baraili - Founder Member
  4. Mr.Saroj Sunuwar - Founder Member

HISTORY - If you love reading the story this story is for You - The Real Story of a Youth Agriprenuer -!4901&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!AE5bQKQN-zO9C90

About Us

The best experience for Agriculuturists /Bio-Technologists / Food-Technologist /Chemists /Scientists/Analyst /Mentor/Professsors-Lecturers/volunteers/Interns/Students / Teachers /Trainers/Social Workers/Researchers…

Issue Areas Include

  • Agriculture
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment & Sustainability

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