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South Africa

About Us


We  have been running a non-profit organization for disadvantage children in Durban, for 18 years.There are three centres,each one is located in a township,rural area and an informal settlement (shanty town). We host volunteers from around the world so in order to raise money we offer them accommodation food and adventure trips around South Africa.


We travel to the Drakensberg mountains, tour the garden route all the way to Cape Town and we go for a Safari at the Kruger National Park before stopping at the Apartheid museum in Johannesburg. Volunteers experience the joy of working with children while exploring our beautiful country, all within three months. 


Volunteers bring great energy and excitement when they come to our Centres. Every year we look forward to having you stay with us and share your experiences.Your generosity is greatly appreciated and it is a privilege for us to welcome you to our family.


We look for specific qualities that can contribute to a pleasant experience whilst at Gozololo. We are very selective with the type of people we would like to work with. Our aim it to attract those that have a positive attitude and realistic expectations. Respecting the way we do things is extremely important.


Gozololo Centre For Needy Children has a number of centres established in KwaMashu, Umgababa and Bhambayi. They are responding to the need to provide care and support to a number of traumatized, orphaned and vulnerable children. If these orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) are not cared for, nurtured or educated, they will become a lost generation.


Gozololo is a Zulu term meaning “stay awhile; rest awhile or a halfway house”. The name was chosen as a result of the vision of the founder, Mirriam Cele. She initiated the Gozololo Organisation along with a group of volunteer women. Mirriam spent 17 years as a community and development worker and was employed by the Diakonia Council of Churches in that capacity. She is the recipient of many accolades, amongst them, the Martin Luther King Peace Award, The Paul Harris Award (by the Rotary Club), the eThekwini Mayor's Awards in 1999, the 2004 Fair Lady Claims Eau Dynamisante Woman of the Year Award, eThekwini Living Legends 2012, and The South African Presidency Award.