Louisiana Progress

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P.O. Box 66377
Baton Rouge
United States

About Us

Louisiana Progress will promote a progressive agenda to reach citizens across the political spectrum to be effective advocates for progressive solutions to the policy challenges that continue to shackle Louisiana to the past.

Promoting and protecting democracy and democratic ideals for an informed and engaged electorate are central to the vision of Louisiana Progress. Louisiana Progressis based on a commitment to practical, pragmatic, common sense solutions to move Louisiana forward.

Louisiana Progress proposes to convene interested citizens, community leaders, policy makers, and representatives of grassroots groups to find new traction for progressive thought in public life. Be part of Louisiana Progress at Work:

  • Local community engagement to identify stakeholders
  • Technology and social media to build a network of engaged civic leaders
  • Regional convenings for emerging leaders and experienced community leaders
  • Policy forums to educate the public on important issues and programs
  • Statewide conference of advocates before 2011 Legislative Session

Louisiana Progress, formerly the Coalition for Louisiana Progress, was incorporated in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.