UNESCO Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights

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About Us

The UNESCO Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights are committed to:

Promoting reciprocal learning on issues of human rights

Raising moral consciousness around the ideals of human rights

Facilitating the preservation and writing of history related to human rights

Contributing to educational efforts that lay the foundation for harmonious race relations

Fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between people of different backgrounds

Developing strategies for peaceful resolution of conflicts

In May 2001, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) awarded the University of Connecticut the first UNESCO Chair in Human Rights in the United States of America. The Chair joined a network of 52 UNESCO Chairs around the world, committed to promoting human rights, peace, democracy and tolerance. The UNESCO Chair in Comparative Human Rights at the University of Connecticut is guided by the theme of a common humanity and informed by the principles of reciprocal learning and respect. The aim is to bridge the gap between ideals and theories of human rights and human rights practices, in order to accomplish positive change in human relations.

To develop effective and balanced approaches to human rights, we need not only to appreciate the different histories and philosophies of human rights struggles, but also to learn from other people’s experiences. Reciprocal learning and exchange of information about strategies to advance the cause of human rights have become an imperative, especially in the global context in which we live.