International Forum of National NGOs Platforms (IFP/FIP)

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About Us

Our vision: A vibrant global network of credible and effective national NGO platforms and regional coalitions making a major collective contribution to Development, Peace, Democracy and Justice. We strongly believe that through active and collaborative participation, we can influence local and global negotiations while contributing to build a more effective international community for promoting a fair and sustainable world, where the most vulnerable populations have a voice, human rights are respected and inequalities and injustice are fought.

Our mission: The IFP exists as a world-wide partnership aiming at having a positive impact on poverty eradication, reduction of inequalities, and promotion of social justice and peace around the world. IFP Mission consists in creating the conditions and capacities for collaborative work among its members, in influencing global/international public policies affecting development & democracy, while strengthening the capacity of national NGO platforms and their members to engage at both national and regional/international levels in official negotiations, deliberations and public mobilization.

We believe that civil society has a crucial role to play in an interconnected world facing increasingly complex and global challenges.  Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) work with people around the world in the general interest, so that citizens can exercise their rights and enjoy a better life. Through extensive participation, NGOs should secure a voice in global governance, under which key development policies affecting the planet and its population are decided and driven. The National NGO Platforms unite the voices of their members and should be recognized as legitimate and credible partners at global level.

Our values: The IFP promotes the defense of human rights, the elimination of any form of exclusion, the eradication of poverty, the fight against inequalities and injustice, the promotion of sustainable development and an enabling environment for Civil Society Organizations.