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About Us

Grow Some Good is recognized throughout the island of Maui for changing lives and changing perspectives through hands-on outdoor education. With nine years of experience in building programs from the ground up, our programs are designed to grow more than just gardens; we grow healthier and more sustainable communities by creating affordable access to local produce, and educating students, their families, and the greater community on practices that improve nutrition, health and fitness. Our mission is to "cultivate a healthy community by strengthening local agriculture and improving access to nutritious, affordable food."

Grow Some Good got its start in 2008 when a second-grade science teacher asked for assistance in installing a few garden beds so she could teach her students the science behind growing plants. Several volunteers helped with the project, and a core group spun off to create Grow Some Good. With the assistance of many local organizations, we have grown to now serve over 4,000 students in 11 Maui schools each year. 

Each school’s program is different as a result of several factors, such as the geographic location and climate of the campus, the culture and interests of the school, the number of grades that participate in the garden program, and the frequency of garden classes for each grade level.

By aligning lessons in the garden with required school curricula, Grow Some Good creates outdoor classrooms for teaching science, math and nutrition. Teachers also take the lessons from the garden back into the classroom. Through this symbiotic relationship, we are able to reinforce and enrich important classroom lessons. As gardens become established, we also work with the school administrators, parents, and local community members to assume greater responsibility for the cost and maintenance of the gardens--thus integrating the gardens into the permanent framework of the school.

Grow Some Good is a strategic, entrepreneurial organization that is committed to using garden education to meet the broad objectives of improving education, health and our natural environment. Our staff has a wide range of education and experience in sustainability, resource management, environmental science, horticulture, science and education. Five Garden Coordinators teach garden classes and provide management and maintenance for the gardens. The organization also has an Executive Director and Development Director. All positions are part-time.