FAVE- Friends Against Violence Everywhere

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c/o Bantle and Levy
817 Broadway- 6th Floor
New York
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About Us

We were founded in response to the mass killings at Sandy Hook. Everyday, students are in the line of fire and our goal is to protect them. Through mobilizing students in large numbers facilitated through high school and college chapters/clubs, FAVE will edeavor to support education and action about gun regulation and gun violence. We want assault weapons and large magazine clips banned. We want background checks made mandatory and gun trafficking made a federal crime.

While there are many groups seeking to curb gun violence, FAVE's focus is making young voices more prominent in the national conversation.Ours is an inclusive, diverse organization. We welcome all who share our principles. .

FAVE is a work in progress with a long-term outlook. We intend to raise and address key issues. We aim to educate the public on guns and violence because we believe an informed public will support our goals.