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About Us

Schoolchildren for Children USA (ScfC USA) is a recently incorporated 501(c)3. It has a parent organization located in United Kingdom which has been active since 2005. Just as with the original ScfC, ScfC USA has two missions:

The first mission is to encourage young Americans to lead healthy, active lifestyles by providing a format that can be easily initiated and sustained. The second mission is to encourage global citizenship by providing a familiar and effective way for young people to help other children much less fortunate than themselves.

These missions are put into action by recruiting schools, teams and youth development groups to participate in one or more assorted ScfC events. Children, youth and adults may walk, run or jog a mile and pledge to raise money for their efforts. They can swim, bike or jump rope, too. The list is meant to be large and accommodating. All funds raised go towards programming in developing countries related to education, sustainability, HIV/AIDS prevention, and youth health and fitness. Participating groups may opt to keep half of the money raised to support their own wellness programs with the remaining portion going to ScfC sponsored programs throughout the world.

ScfC is unique from many other similar groups because all administrative costs are covered by separate sponsorship. Funds generated by ScfC fund raisers go directly to the youth programs.

If you are interested in ScfC USA there are a variety of satisfying ways to become involved - please contact us! We would love to hear from you.