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About Us

Educating Citizens Building Communities

Utah Campus Compact is a statewide coalition of colleges and universities dedicated to engaging students in their communities. Through service-learning, co-curricular service, community-based research, and other civic engagement initiatives, more than 34,000 college students serve in Utah communities each year. We believe that community participation is one of the most effective ways to teach students to be engaged, informed, and dedicated citizens. Since 1996, Utah Campus Compact has worked with college and university presidents, faculty, students, staff, and community members to build and support civic engagement in higher education. We serve both private and public higher education institutions by researching and promoting best practices, providing statewide networking opportunities, delivering training and technical assistance, and offering resources that help institutions advance civic engagement on their campuses.

Utah Campus Compact is guided by the following principles:

Civic Responsibility.
  • We believe in the principles of our constitutional democracy and of higher education's responsibility to foster the skills of citizenship in a global society.
  • We believe service within one's community is a mark of good citizenship.
  • We believe collaboration at all levels of our work is critical to our success.
  • We believe there is strength in diversity and that all voices should be heard and all contributions considered as we move our work forward.
  • We believe that our member institutions should define and advance civic engagement as it makes sense for each campus and its surrounding community.
Strengths Perspective.
  • We believe that focusing on the strengths and assets of individuals and communities is the most productive path to accomplishing our goals.