Cause I Care

  • Maryland


703 Avanti Place
United States

About Us

Who We Are: C.I.C is an organization in development, but hitting the ground running in an effort to give back to our community. C.I.C stands for Cause I Care and our mission is simply to reach out and touch the lives of those affected by hardship in any capacity. Although we are just getting started..we are JUST GETTING STARTED! There is so much to be done in our community and sometimes the very first step is to genuinely care. Just a little concern can go a long way. With our humble beginnings in life we have each seen our own hardships, some of which we are still experiencing, however we have been graced with the gift of compassion, allowing us to see outside of our own circumstances to reach out, reach back, reach across and help the next person


     We have successfully executed our Dream Bag Drive for 2 consecutive school years. We have raised money and collected donations in order to fill back packs for underprivileged families. We feel that times are hard but with a community as large as ours going to school shouldn't have to be! We are looking to set our young doctors and lawyers up for success. Reminding them that they are not their circumstances that we care, that our COMMUNITY cares. With our collective efforts we know that we can propel our youth to new heights, starting with the fundamentals. In the wake of a trying time in our Nation, making sure that we are adding to a solid foundation, arming our youth with education, we can raise a generation in complete awareness. Awareness of their own potential, of the ways they too can give back and create a cycle of forward motion. Please support us in our effort to send these kids forward, with all the right tools to be successful.