Sholem: A progressive, secular Jewish community & Sunday School

  • CA


Culver City

United States

About Us

Join Sholem, a progressive community that celebrates Jewish culture, history, and traditions through adult and young adult activities, seminars, toddler group, music, activism, and has a prestigious SUNDAY SCHOOL for K through 9th grade.

Sholem offers Sunday school, a parent/toddler group, adult and young adult activities, a bar/bas mitsve program, and observances of Jewish holidays. Sunday school, held regularly during the school year, is at the Culver City Middle School between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. Adult activities include seminars, panel discussions, guest speakers, theater parties, social events and holiday observances many of which take place while school is in session. We are proud of our progressive outlook, welcoming and warm environment, and our sense of community.

We warmly welcome all inter-cultural, non-traditional and LGBT families. Through our December dilemma workshops, we explore cultural similarities, and we incorporate the cultural identities and heritages of the non-Jewish family members into their family rituals.