Master of Arts In Sustainability Studies

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Contemporary ecological and societal crises present unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Driven by increases in human population and per capita consumption of resources, and shaped by the consequent contamination and degradation of the natural and built environments, our current path is clearly unsustainable. An integrative approach is required if we are to create new options for a sustainable future. The environmental challenges of the 21st century require individuals who understand environmental and scientific complexities and can implement a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental problem-solving at local, regional and global scales.

The Ramapo College Master of Arts in Sustainability Studies (MASS) is a ground-breaking program that unites the natural sciences, social sciences and business fields to develop leading practitioners in the emerging field of sustainability. Students, drawn from diverse backgrounds and experiences, will build upon their knowledge and skills to engage in scholarly discourse on sustainability and its professional applications. Students will collaborate with faculty and external partners to promote sustainability in a variety of institutional, organizational, cultural, commercial, and geographical contexts. The program is designed to engage students in the emerging professional practices and scholarly discourses of sustainability.