Rosewood Initiative

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609 SE 162nd Ave.
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About Us

The Rosewood Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping build a self-sufficient, safe, healthy, empowered community by connecting the residents and community stakeholders with each other and their public safety officers. We partner with residents, apartment mangers and owners, businesses, churches, social services agencies, neighborhood associations, and public safety agencies to create space for the community to come together to meet their common goals.

Identified goals for the Rosewood community include:

Create a meeting space (non-profit coffee shop) where community members can come together to meet each other, hold events, get to know police and probation officers working in the community, and make decisions about the future and health of their community. Read more about the Cafe in the blog!

Increase public safety in the Rosewood area by giving people who live and work in the area the ability to work collaboratively with local law enforcement to proactively address concerns.