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About Us

DC Greenworks is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) social enterprise that serves the Washington, D.C. community by providing training, tools, and technologies that utilize, advance, and protect the environment.

DC Greenworks sees a vital connection between ecology and economy, between employment potential and environmental sustainability. We actively seek to discover, promote, and deliver cutting-edge solutions that are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and socially beneficial.

Advocate & Educator

Entrepreneurial in our approach, we work hand-in-hand with community leaders, inner-city residents, neighborhood organizations, and small businesses to leverage grassroots participation and bring about creative solutions that redress the effects of pollution and create a higher quality of life for residents. As an advocate for the environment, we believe in strengthening communities through knowledge and hands-on discovery and participation. Our hope is to make D.C.'s ecology and environment accessible and relevant, bridging diverse peoples and communities.

Trailblazer & Facilitator

DC Greenworks recognizes that we are affected and changed by our environment as much as we affect and change it. Our goal is to create communities of awareness-to get local citizens actively and intimately involved with their surroundings, but also with themselves and with each other. As facilitators of change, DC Greenworks seeks to cultivate a "culture of stewardship" that demystifies the environment, breaks people out of their comfort zones, and strengthens communities block by block. To bring about this cultural change, DC Greenworks utilizes an interactive teaching and modeling approach that is engaging and meaningful:

We get our hands dirty. DC Greenworks believes in learning by doing. We find that any number of situations can provide an opportunity for growth, or as we say, "a teachable moment." Students learn in concrete, hands-on ways that take them out of the textbook and into the field. DC Greenworks recognizes that environmental awareness will only be valuable to people if it translates in practical terms. We're just the beginning. We do not see ourselves as policy analysts or lobbyists, but rather as initiators and implementers . . . creating a space for good things to grow. We help to catalyze communities into action and to bring their green ideas to fruition through training and technology.

Innovator & Problem-Solver

As with most cities, Washington, D.C. faces increasingly serious health and economic issues related to toxic runoff, air and water quality standards, and the "heat island effect." Community leaders, green organizations, and local residents are beginning to see how establishing a healthy green infrastructure in our city can not only offset these unique challenges, but also return money to the city and generate new jobs for residents. DC Greenworks plays an important role in meeting these challenges. We cannot do it however without your investment in our vision and in the work we do to Green Roof Washington. Please invest in DC Greenworks today.