Sustainable Living Roadshow

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About Us

Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR) is a caravan of educators and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles to empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet. Visiting k-12 schools, university campuses and community festivals across the United States, the caravan sets up off-the-grid eco-carnivals with experiential learning villages, featuring workshops, speakers, and entertainment.

Since 2005, Sustainable Living Roadshow has been utilizing the platform of festivals, conferences, colleges and community gatherings to empower individuals and communities with bio-regional solutions for sustainability.

Our live events focus on educating, inspiring and empowering people with everyday solutions for a healthier planet and lifestyle. Using the theatrics and comedy of an “old timey carnival road show”, our education focuses on interactive fun with wide appeal.

SLR programs are specifically designed to connect communities to some of the most relevant and important issues for American culture, while providing practical tools to make simple, affordable and ecologically conscious changes that can be integrated into mainstream realities.

SLR believes that progressive shifts in life-style and stewardship are required to maintain a healthy planet. We also believe that these shifts should be celebrated and learning about them should be fun. We have developed many environments, experiences and networks that focus on making sustainability education something to be enjoyed. If people can smile, laugh and develop closer relationships to their local community while learning and enjoying the festival, our experience shows the information resonates more effectively and is more readily retained.

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