New Seed International

About Us

Brief description of New Seed International.

New Seed International (NSI) was founded in 1996 and legally registered as a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization under Ghana Registrars General Department company code Act 176 in the year 1998 with registration number G7563. It seeks sustainable strategic alliance with Community development organization dealing with human development, health and environmental concerns.

Strategically, NSI has identified itself with improving the status of the poor, socio-economically marginalized people and specifically focusing on the young women. NSI is determined to guide and facilitate the transformation and emancipation of these target groups from the doldrums of poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance, injustice and all forms of inhuman deprivations

One area of prime concern to NSI is health and HIV/AIDS. NSI has for the past couple of years identified itself with promoting positive attitudinal and behavioral molding, and transforming health and environmental issues which are paramount and key for sustainable development.

New Seed International hallmark approach to program management is active participation by all parties, hands-on-practice and open-mindedness. With this, NSI aim to create a healthy environment and to enhance the lives of those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases.

Objectives The Primary objective of NSI is to remain the mouth piece of the marginalized in our societies especially people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases.

Others include;

1. To facilitate the development of the well-being of people infected and affected with AIDS. 2. To promote and build a strong peer educator group for people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. 3. To fight and reduce HIV/AIDS related stigmatization, discrimination and denial among the community on people infected and affected with AIDS. 4. To sensitize and animate rural communities towards generating consciousness for self-determination and control of development and living conditions. 5. To support communities fight the HIVAIDS menaces and other occurrences that pose threats to public health and general advancement. 6. To serve as information base for other NGOs and CBOs operating in the field of HIV/AIDS. 7. To develop linkages with other International, National, Regional and Community Institutions/Organizations as well as Individuals with similar vision and objective in resource mobilization towards meeting the primary objectives of New Seed International.

Vision Empowering vulnerable and excluded groups in rural communities for self-initiatives, self-reliant and sustained improvement in living conditions by reducing poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy.

Mission Statement

Promote sustainable development for improvement in living standards and impact positively on the poor, vulnerable and the “excluded” by building their capacity towards conscious internalization, evolvement and integration of local values.

Offices. NSI is currently operating in 4 districts in the Volta Region of Ghana namely Ho, Ketu, Keta and Akatsi. The main office is located within Volta Regional Coordinating Council in Ho, with project coordinating offices in each of the other districts.