Tess Unlimited

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Antigua Guatemala


About Us

Tess Unlimited is a small project in a village nearby Antigua. We have an educational centre here in San Gaspar Vivar. We have about 40-50 kids in our project and they come to have english class, computer class, cooking class and we help them with their homework. The kids have the age of 7 untill 17.
Because the kids go to their regular school in het morning, we are only open during the afternoon. We are open from monday till friday. During the weekend we dont have activities. The oldest kids (12-17) can participate in KIDS restaurant. It is a part of our projectm where the kids can practise all the knowledge they are learning here. Cooking for the guests, serving the food and speaking english. Also a perfect way to practise their social skills and talking in public. With all the tourism here in Antigua we think it is a great start for them for a better future!