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About Us

Isla Internships ( provides career-launching international internships and faculty-led and service-learning trips that make a sustainable impact in Uganda and Kosovo. Isla provides opportunities for intrepid humanitarians, social entrepreneurs and change-makers to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the dedicated sustainable community development leaders in our partner communities.

Isla recruits undergraduate and graduate students from universities and work places around the world to intern side-by-side with our partner organizations seeking solutions to pressing challenges and opportunities in their communities.

Isla’s unique program immerses interns with substantive community development projects carried out in coordination with local partner organizations and our program staff in Uganda or Kosovo. With access to locally-led sustainable development model and innovative capacity-building methodologies, interns have the potential to make a lasting impact.

Our local partner organizations benefit from the support Isla interns provide in the delivery of trainings, education, and skills, while interns gain academic, professional, and cultural experiences through direct, hands-on work and living in the community with a host family.

Isla's philosophy derives from the knowledge that local people, communities and organizations are best equipped to guide development in their communities. The Isla internship model advocates for a greater investment in people and their capacity to create real change as a way of achieving inclusive sustainable development. 

Our model delivers capacity building services to organizations that work in seven key areas:

Social Enterprise Development

Health and Well Being

Quality Education and Youth Development

Peace, Social Justice, and Reduced Equalities

Gender Equality

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Environment – Climate Change, Clean Water & Sanitation, Clean Energy

Isla seeks interns from a variety of academic majors and backgrounds. Isla has defined internships available on the Isla website and will also customize internships according to specific skill sets. Isla also organizes faculty-led and service learning trips. Contact Isla for more information.

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