Centre for Rural Reconstruction and Environment (CRREDEV)


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About Us

MISSION AND AIM OF CRREDEV: The Centre for Rural Reconstruction and Environment (CRREDEV) is a non-profit organisation, whose mission is to provide works and services to the disadvantaged and the underprivileged through environmental and social development programmes at grassroots. Founded in June 1999 as a professional development organisation; our programmes are designed to benefit the poor communities particularly women and children. This is with the objective of promoting sustainable development, fight global warming, alleviate poverty; bringing hope to these groups of people. CRREDEV’s core activity is Natural Resource management and the spectrum of activities she provides include: Environmental Protection, Agro-forestry, Rural Water Supplies and Sanitation, Child Rights and Gender Equality.

THE OBJECTIVE OF CRREDEV: · Establish sustainable programmes to environmental degradation and desertification. · Promote forestry policies, awareness and management in conjunction with the Authorities in charge of Environment and Forests. · Promote agro-forestry in the communities by supplying tree seed/seedling to farmers and village communities to enhance organic agriculture, initiate forests for fuel-wood and building material production. · Conserve and enhance watersheds, community forests and manage natural resource bases. · Supply and promote the use of alternative energy systems to restrain the destruction of biodiversity. · Develop social development programmes for the benefit of poor communities. · Develop water supplies and sanitation schemes in the rural and peri-urban areas. · Advocate for gender equality in policymaking, planning and management in development. · Promote women’s initiatives at grassroots level; particularly in the primary industry, small-scale food processing and health issues. · Promote child rights by advocating for basic services provision such as education and healthcare. · Institute and establish training courses in conjunction with governmental departments, experts, development and environmental organizations for the benefit of members and the public. · Confer, consult, maintain contact and cooperation with any authorities, associations, societies, institutions or bodies or persons established or to be established in Our Cameroon or elsewhere to promote our objectives. · Undertake and implement or supervise any charitable trusts and contracts, which may be lawfully undertaken by the Organization. · Establish, maintain appropriate standards of competence and conduct of those engaged or about to engage in developmental, environmental and / or natural resources related activities of the Organization.