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About Us

PENYEM JAMORAI RELIEF ORGANISATION (PJRO), a charitable organisation (#861487304RR0001)registered in Canada in 2007 is an organisation specifically dedicated to sustainable agricultural development in rural areas of Gambia, West Africa. The aim of this organisation is to help the rural people of Gambia, particularly the Penyem village, to become self-reliant and help women to make informed choices. This may include implementing school of agricultural under an adult education classes as well as new or advance methods in agriculture.

The focuses of empowering the Civil Society groups within the overall objective of poverty reducrtion, the Organization Penyem Jamorai Relief organization (PJRO) is interested in promoting sustainable rural development through agriculture irrigation to reduce poverty, and contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperious communities for the people in the nine villages in the Gambia.