CICLO Foundation Buenos Aires

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Ramos Mejia

About Us

The CICLO Foundation is a non-profit organization that has as its aim the world-wide diffusion of Latin American culture. It is one branch of the larger CICLO Buenos Aires, a five star Spanish language institute that features outstanding academic, cultural, and recreational services and extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a second language. The three parts that make up CICLO include: “CICLO Foundation for the Dissemination of Latin American Culture,” “CICLO Buenos Aires – Languages,” and the “Western Center of Higher Learning.” Our Foundation strives to share with the world the cultural richness of all of the peoples that make Latin America a cultural paradise of integration. The expansion and development of our objectives depends fundamentally on the collaboration of a diverse group of interns and volunteers. These positions are available to those who seek to culturally immerse themselves here in Buenos Aires while gaining valuable work experience.