Linden Trust for Conservation

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About Us

Who We Are

The Linden Trust for Conservation (LTC), founded in 2006 by Larry Linden, formerly a Partner at McKinsey and Goldman Sachs, and Roger Ullman, formerly a Managing Director at Merrill Lynch, is led and staffed by a team of ex-businesspeople with deep experience in finance and management. Since its founding, that experience has informed LTC’s commitment to seeking bipartisan and economically sound approaches to addressing critical conservation challenges. At heart, we share the common values of wise stewardship of our natural resources and the efficacy of markets, incentives and innovation. We seek to identify practical, efficient, and non-partisan solutions that allow people to find common ground and move forward.

How We Work

We provide both funding and substantial staff time and execution management for our projects, drawing, as appropriate, on our business and finance experience. We generally take the initiative in designing the objective of each of our projects and in recruiting both the organizations and the additional funders needed to achieve that objective. We work on a very small number of projects at a time but are highly committed to each of them.