Amani Institute

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About Us

Amani's mission:

To achieve a world without boundaries we need to develop whole individuals who have the knowledge, practical skills, and networks required to solve social challenges. Our mission is to develop next-generation talent by creating a new model for higher education that retains the current strengths of universities while also offering students opportunities to get an intensive experience of cross-boundary work, develop practical skills to build their professional toolkit, and understand the personal journey this work requires in order to be effective and sustainable as an individual over time.

Amani's objectives:

The Amani Institute it is not just about training a highly skilled workforce to tackle global challenges, but also about helping organizations work more effectively in pursuing social change. Amani Institute graduates students will contribute to the growth of the organizations they are placed in, both during their apprenticeships as well as when they are employed full-time. They are also better equipped to start their own ventures. Finally, our end goal is not to create a large new training institution but to change the higher education system. We want to inspire universities to adopt the Amani Institute Methodology to train the new professionals and leaders the world needs in the 21st century.

Amani's Methodology

The Amani Institute Experience comprises three interlocking streams of activity: experiential learning through relevant field placements, professional skill-building to learn core skills of the future practitioner, and a personal leadership journey which helps the student reflect on their own leadership path and integrate both field experience skill-building into a coherent whole picture.