Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

  • CA


275 5th Street
San Francisco
United States

About Us

Our Mission: Renaissance’s mission is to empower and increase the entrepreneurial capacities of socially and economically diverse women and men, and thereby strengthen our communities through the creation of sustainable new businesses, new jobs, and the promotion of financial self-sufficiency.

Our Clients: 87% very-low to moderate-income, 75% women, and 74% people of color, in industries ranging from retail to catering, child care, and construction.

Our Work: Renaissance works at the intersection of racial, economic and social justice. We believe that through small business ownership, individuals who face systemic barriers to economic opportunity due to gender, sexual orientation, race, income level, immigration status, or former incarceration can achieve economic mobility, create better futures for themselves and their families, and play a pivotal role in building local economic prosperity.