Horizons for Homeless Children

  • MA

About Us

Horizons for Homeless Children is an independent, nonprofit organization providing services for homeless children and their families in Massachusetts. Founded in 1988 to respond to the growing needs of homeless children and their families, it is the only organization in Massachusetts working specifically to meet the needs of homeless children.

Horizons for Homeless Children runs several programs. The Playspace Programs are founded upon the belief that play is a vital component of a child's development. Due to their families' instability and transistion, children living in family shelters and domestic violence shelters may not have enough opportunities simply to play. Our Playspace Activity Leaders are volunteers who provide the stimulating, safe playtime tha is so necessary to every children's healthy emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Through our Playspace Programs, we install and maintain Playspaces in local family shelters and stock them with age appropriate toys and materials. Our Playspace Programs volunteer network recruits, trains, and places volunteers in family shelters and in domestic violence shelters to facilitate activities with the children living there. To date we have installed more than 140 Playspaces in area shelters and we currently have over 1000 active volunteers throughout the state.

In addition, Horizons for Homeless Children operates three Community Children's Centers which provide full-time child care to 175 children from Boston family shelters, as well as offering support services for their families.

Horizons for Homeless Children is seeking to increase the cultural diversity of its workforce.