Beverley Hills Church Preschool

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3512 Old Dominion BlVD
United States

About Us


Beverley Hills Church Preschool is a parent co-operative, church-affiliated community preschool that for over 70 years has offered an innovative learning environment for young children, their families and their teachers. The mission of Beverley Hills Church Preschool is to celebrate the wonder and breadth of children, linking them, their families and our educators in a community of mutual learning and care. A ministry of the Beverley Hills Community United Methodist Church, our school deeply honors the potential of children, supports their eagerness and capacities to make sense of and transform the world, and nurtures their individual and collective contributions to the learning and well-being of others.

Educational Vision

At BHCP, young children, their families, teachers and others come together to create and enjoy the process of discovery, learning, and becoming. Our unique learning environment is marked by great respect for young learners, a spirit of inquiry, the willingness to take risks, the expectation of intention and sustained effort; and attentiveness to reflection, relationships, dialogue and growth. Together, we experience joy, wonder, and satisfaction in meaningful work accomplished. Our intent is to be a community that continually expands capacity from within.

BHCP’s collaborative approach to learning connects children, teachers and families in a dynamic that invites and celebrates the participation and expertise of all. Children and adults working in concert with one another both anchor the program and lend it immense possibilities within and without. Inspired by our image of the child as capable, strong and resourceful, teaching is driven by the quest to learn from the children, each other, and the world around us. Teaching and learning are intimately connected and occur simultaneously within all spheres and among all participants in our work together.