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Volunteering with Pamoja Afrika is a life-changing experience. You share your enthusiasm, time, skills, and energy and give out yourself in a way that allows you to effect positive change.

If you have an interest in volunteering and learning about another way of life and culture, serving helping to improve the lives of local children and mothers, Pamoja Afrika is your life time dream solution. It can be as simple as sharing love and affection with locals, playing team-building sports with at-risk youth, sharing stories and photos with the elderly in a community, or practicing conversational English with youths and adults seeking new career opportunities.

Pamoja Afrika also means sharing your specific knowledge, skills, and experience. But the experience extends far beyond hands-on service with many opportunities for cultural exchange and personal transformations; the impact of your service can last a lifetime, for you and the community you served. It takes guidance and support to live and work in another culture, and the expert knowledge of the challenges and needs of the local community to know how to best be of service without burdening the community. Pamoja Afrika is your partner to help you navigate through the journey.

Highlights: Our current focus is in the rural village of Makanya in Kilimanjaro region, 120km south-east of Moshi town, on the highway from Moshi to Dar es Salaam. Makanya is situated in a picturesque location surrounded by the south Pare Mountains to the East and the Maasai Steppe to the West. Although the land is beautiful at first, the dry dusty landscape makes it impossible for any form of agriculture or farming.

Makanya's main export is gypsum mineral with the sisal plant being second. Although having this natural resource would be seen as positive, it also brings with it a negative impact to the village. Over one third of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS and this is on the rise. As many people are on the poverty line earning less than 3 US Dollar per week, they are forced to find alternative income sources to help provide for their families. As this gypsum is exported by many truck companies, there is a constant flow of trucks entering and leaving the village of Makanya. These truck drivers offer money to some of the women to have unprotected sex with them again spreading further of HIV/AIDS virus.

With a population of over 9,000 people and the majority of these being under 25, there is a huge need for education and support required to ensure they have a successful future. Our biggest project focusing on health education mainly on the topic of HIV prevention and to help reduce the stigma attached with HIV/AIDS will hopefully improve the lives of people living with this disease and also reduce the spread of it. There is very limited access to water and not nearly enough wells for its population. With no farming and little education or job prospects, young people find themselves with nothing to do and often turn to alcohol and drugs. The most attractive feature about working in Makanya is having the opportunity to work with locals. They are so welcoming and thankful for any contribution you make in ensuring they have a brighter future. Volunteers will leave with a feeling of warmth and the knowledge that they have made a real difference in the world, in this village.

Qualifications / Skills Needed: While conducting research on the local communities around the Kilimanjaro region we became very interested in the Makanya village, as we understand their culture and values of their lives. Through interviews and home visits with the locals, we gained a better understanding of their community challenges and the villager attitudes; giving us a vision on how we can tackle their difficulties which included poverty and the high rates of HIV/AIDS within the community.

From this study we developed a plan on how we can improve the quality of life in Makanya. The current projects based upon the study include:

  • HIV/AIDS Skills / Qualifications The ideal volunteers for the HIV/AIDS project are health care professionals including physicians, dieticians, nurses, counselors, or others trained to work with HIV/AIDS. A basic knowledge of Kiswahili before attending this placement would be very beneficial, but is not necessary. A minimum of 2 weeks is required for this volunteer position.

Responsibilities Home visits for those affected by HIV/AIDS to counsel, administer treatment, assessments, nutritional evaluation, etc. Participation in school programs related to HIV education and other youth programs not necessarily related to HIV education. Creation of programs to inform, educate, create awareness in the community regarding HIV/AIDS and prevention, family planning, etc

  • Agriculture Skills / Qualifications The ideal volunteer has a background or interest in agriculture, livestock or environmental issues. Those that can serve as advisors or consultants to help build this program; funding is also needed. A basic knowledge of Kiswahili before attending this placement would be very beneficial, but is not necessary. A minimum of 1 week is required for this volunteer position.

Responsibilities Assist Pamoja Afrika and local community in an advisory and funding capacity for continued development of this project. Although locals will do the actual labor work, volunteers are welcome to participate as well.

  • Construction Skills / Qualifications The ideal volunteer for a construction project is enthusiastic, physically fit and willing to help out in any way that they can. This can probably be one of the most rewarding volunteering opportunities as you can visibly see the difference you make in the community. A minimum of 2 weeks is required for this volunteer position. It is also more appropriate for groups, however, we will consider individual involvement as well.

Responsibilities Volunteer activities will primarily be brick making, painting, carpentry, and assisting local contractors as needed. However, volunteers with professional experience in the construction trade may be used in more specific ways.

Construction project possibilities that are in discussion, still needing funding and planning, include the volunteer hostel, schools, dispensary, hospital, water conservation systems, and refurbishment of existing homes, school and community buildings.

  • Education Skills / Qualifications The ideal volunteer should be able to speak fluent English, have patience and good communication skills. While helpful, it is not necessary to be a qualified or professional teacher for this volunteer position. The creativity to develop and implement effective lesson plans is also required. A basic knowledge of Kiswahili before attending this placement would be very beneficial, but is not necessary. A minimum of 4 weeks is required for this volunteer position.

Responsibilities Includes: Assist teachers, help students with assignments, organization of activities, teach English. Volunteers may have the opportunity to teach some classes as well. - Teaching at Nursery School - Teaching at the primary school - Teaching at the secondary school

  • Community Development To help build and develop children, youth and adults in the village, Pamoja Afrika assists with and supports a variety of groups, including Kid's Club, Makanya Youth Group, Makanya Football Club. There is also a strong desire in the community for evening English lessons for village residents. These activities are primarily evening activities and ideal for volunteers in other projects to participate in during their stay in Makanya. There is also a need for many items to support these activities (i.e. sport equipment, play equipment, etc).

Minimum Education: High School

Job / Intern Types: Agriculture, Construction, Development, Environmental Studies, History, Human Rights, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Sports, Tourism and Women's Studies

Languages: English, French and Swahili

Cost in US$: 2000 per semester

Cost Includes: Food, Housing, In-country orientation/Training, In-country staff support, Medical services, Registration fees and Written materials pre-departure There are no program placement fees when you volunteer through Pamoja Afrika. Your lodging accommodation includes 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This saves you money that you can put into your project as many other volunteer placement organizations charge USD 1000 or more in addition to lodging. LODGING FEES (USD, standard rooms, per night, per person ) - 30 USD A 200 USD deposit on your Lodging Fee will be required in advance; (Bank account details for wire transfer will be sent to you after confirmation of your volunteer registration). The balance of your lodging fee will be due prior to your arrival. The deposit is non-refundable as it is collected after your registration is accepted and confirmed with you. However, should you need to cancel your trip due to an emergency, your lodging fees (less any handling/wiring fees) will be refunded. What's Not Included in your lodging fee - visa - airfare - medicines/vaccinations - health/travel insurance - airport pick up and drop off - other expenses.

Experience Required: yes

No.....but its good to have

Typical Volunteer Projects: agriculture, AIDS, arts, building/construction projects, childcare/children, community development, community health, conservation, counseling, culture, cutting wood, digging, drama, eco-tourism, education, environment, family planning, grassroots organization, health, health care, health education, home visit, hospital, human rights, infrastructure planning, Music, nursing, organizational development, orphans, planting, primary education, research, sanitation, secondary education, Sports Volunteering, teaching, tourism, volunteering, water, women, youth, youth development and youth ministry

Typical Volunteer: check on our website

Age Range: 20 and above

Volunteering with Pamoja Afrika is a life-changing experience. You share your enthusiasm, time, skills, and energy and give out yourself in a way that allows you to effect positive change.

If you have an interest in volunteering and learning…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Volunteering
  • Women


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