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About Us


The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization that supports brain research through grants, publications, and educational programs.


The Dana Foundation’s science and health grants support brain and immuno-imaging and clinical neuroscience research. The Grants section provides descriptions of these programs, application guidelines, and summaries of supported studies and their results.

The Foundation also occasionally sponsors workshops and events in areas related to its research grants.


FREE PUBLICATIONS AND RESOURCES Online and in print, the Foundation offers neuroscience-related publications, including exclusive news and feature articles and interviews, briefing papers, primers, and our blog. The online journal Cerebrum offers thought-provoking ideas from leading researchers, and the monthly periodical Brain in the News features the top brain-related stories from external publications. To sign up for a specific publication or the Foundation’s bi-weekly e-newsletter, visit our subscriptions page.

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives also produces a number of publications, including a directory of organizations that deal with brain-related disorders, a Q&A booklet about brain research, and a number of publications and activities for children.

Other popular online resources include Brainy Kids, an online science resource for students, teachers, and parents; Brain Web, a validated directory of websites and articles about brain diseases and disorders; and Brain Resources for Seniors, a portal of reliable websites for senior citizens, which address aging and health.


The Dana Press is the Dana Foundation's imprint for publications for lay readers. It publishes books and e-books about the brain and brain research.


The Foundation provides reliable information and resources—including access to experts—to members of the media. In News Releases, you will find the latest Dana Foundation announcements. The Neuroscience Resource Service provides members of the media with background and referrals to leading experts in the field; journalists may also make use of the Expert Directory of Dana Alliance members and read periodic briefing papers and interviews with brain experts. If you are looking for a brain expert or need information about a specific brain-related topic, please contact


The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (DABI) is a nonprofit organization of more than 300 eminent neuroscientists, including ten Nobel laureates. It is committed to advancing public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research and to disseminating accessible information about the brain. DABI is supported entirely by the Dana Foundation.

DABI organizes and coordinates the global Brain Awareness Week campaign, which it created in 1996 to increase public understanding of the brain and brain research. It also partners with organizations on the cognitive fitness initiative “Staying Sharp,” a series of public forums and educational materials on aging, which are presented with support from the MetLife Foundation and AARP. The Lending Library program offers brain models and materials to university neuroscience departments to use in outreach education in their community and local schools.


The European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB) is a nonprofit organization of more than 212 eminent brain scientists, including five Nobel laureates from 29 countries. Launched in 1997 and modeled on the U.S.-based Dana Alliance, EDAB is committed to enhancing the public’s understanding of brain research. EDAB presents outreach programs similar to those in the U.S.