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About Us

The mission ofImpact MOREisto cultivatepeer-led socialprograms for youngadults seekingmental health. These activitiesserve as a catalyst for mental health recovery & create a culture that inspires each member to take steps towards achieving their full potential.
Impact MORE inspires a process of personal discovery for young adults with mental illness. Participants identify projects that will: 1) make a meaningful difference in an aspect of the community of their choosing, and 2) increase awareness of mental health recovery. This is all done within the context of social change. Impact MORE provides the support, encouragement, and training to achieve success.
Another important element of our workis to expand theunderstanding of theyoung adult experience with mentalhealth in a way that improvesthe services and opportunities available tothem. The truth is, in the mental healthcommunity, little is knownabout whatworks to keepyoungadults engagedin theirmental healthdiscovery process. Our goal is to change this by gathering data and partnering with researchers to not only improve our program, but the programs that serve young adults throughout the country.