Building for the Arts, N.Y. (formerly 42nd Street Development Corp)- Music and the Brain

  • New York

About Us

Building for the Arts, N.Y. (the new name of 42ndStreet Development Corporation) leverages the arts as a catalyst for change in individuals and neighborhoods across New York City and beyond. Our two signature projects, Theatre Rowand Music and the Brain, reflect the belief that vibrant arts experience – when directly connected to a neighborhood – serve as the cornerstone to thriving communities. We provide a unique platform for emerging and established theater, music, and dance artists, a home for diverse audiences, and life-changing arts education opportunities for youth.

Theatre Row is a vibrant cultural hub in the heart of Times Square that provides a home for mid-level artists and arts organizations to stabilize their business models. We bring new theater, dance, music, and arts education initiatives to the next level. Music and the Brainis our powerful neuroscience-based program that builds fundamental cognitive and critical thinking skills in pre-K to eighth grade students in underserved communities through classroom keyboard instruction. Music and the Brain operates in more than 210 public schools across the country, reaching more than 400,000 students since 1997.