Youth Troopers for Global Awareness

  • ON


1065 Canadian Place
Unit 104

About Us

Youth Troopers for Global Awareness is a non-profit empowering and mobilizing youth for local and global social justice. We facilitate arts-based workshops, projects, and campaigns, including Studio.89, YTGA’s revenue generating arm.

Studio.89 is a fair trade cafe & non-profit community hub providing a free space for events, workshops and resources. We encourage arts and culture, community dialogue and activism, conscious consumerism and empowerment, with a specific focus on youth leadership, employment, and volunteerism. As a revenue generating arm of Youth Troopers for Global Awareness, we aim to benefit humans, animals, and the planet.

We are empowering our community to act locally, think globally for a sustainable future.

Organization Wide Values:

  1. The potential and capacity of young people
  2. Globally just societies start locally with individuals
  3. Real change is gradual and requires the participation of young leaders
  4. Arts play a key role in confronting and reimagining social narratives
  5. Better economic, societal, and environmental choices are necessary to create a sustainable world
  6. Coffee (fair trade, of course!)