Fundación Comunitaria del Bajío

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About Us

Fundación Comunitaria del Bajío works in communities in central Mexico with limited access to critical services, infrastructure, and economic opportunities.

Many of the men and women in these communities emigrate to the United States to support their loved ones. Migration is an emotional challenge that separates families and threatens lives. Nearly all of those who migrate dream to one day be able to return home permanently.

Our mission is to help emigrants and their families realize this dream by generating local sources of employment, improving access to education, and increasing quality of life. We accomplish this through community organizing, advocacy, and grant-writing.

We first identify the unique challenges, needs, assets, and priorities of each community through town meetings and comprehensive surveys. We then locate and mobilize resources from universities, other non-profit organizations, private donors, and all levels of government.

From building community centers, to nurturing cooperative micro-enterprises, to coordinating high school programs, we work towards the holistic development of communities to assure them a sustainable future.