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15, Roger Lluria

About Us


Poverty can be eradicated in our world. Its chief cause is an unjust distribution of and access to world resources exacerbated by violations of the rights of individuals and peoples on our planet.

We cannot accept the current situation in which the chasm separating rich and the poor deepens day by day, the number of people forced to live in misery continues to grow, and many peoples are almost entirely excluded from influencing international affairs.

We believe in humankind and in everything that touches on the recognition and respect of persons, and in the universal right to a dignified and decent life in all spheres of existence: from basic human necessities to culture, freedom, justice and full respect for human rights. And this dignity entails having structures that make it possible.

Our work joins with that of many other individuals and organisations who believe in the human race and in our capacity to attain a just and solidary world. Our aim is to collaborate with the most disadvantaged sections of the population in the South, providing local support for their development work and projects, as well as defending their causes in the North through raising public awareness and increasing the impact of this part of the world on our society.


Intermón Oxfam's mission is to help to generate changes that will make possible sustainable development in the countries of the South and achieve just social structures in the relationships between peoples, fostering a culture of solidarity.


In order to carry out this mission Intermón Oxfam's work is centred around the following elements:

  • Development Cooperation This involves the creation and implementation of a model of cooperation with the most disadvantaged sections of the population in the countries of the South in which they play the most important role. The principal aim of this model is to combat the structural causes of poverty. It functions on the basis of reciprocal collaboration and open dialogue with the local partner organisations in these countries. We place great emphasis on the quality of our cooperation to ensure the impact of our actions, both those of sustainable development and those of emergency and rehabilitation.
  • Education in values Education in the values of solidarity and justice in our society in order to promote changes in attitudes and behaviour. Our work is directed towards the most active and mobilising sectors of society by way of prominent media attention and specific programs within the context of formal education.
  • Political pressure The exercise of political pressure on the decision-making agents in the social, economic and political spheres that affect the development of the countries of the South.
  • Social and financial support The creation of a broad, active and plural social base, principally within Spain, which identifies with the Intermón Oxfam mission and will further its proposals and programs.
  • Fair Trade The promotion of just commerce so as to provide an example of a viable commercial relationship between peoples founded on ethics and fairness. Our work in this area is based on the activity of a network created to promote the sale of products from the South, and complemented by programs involving cooperation, heightened impact and public awareness.

Other determining elements that allow Intermón Oxfam to carry out the work involved in its mission are the following:

  • Human resources The quality of our staff, who stand out due to their motivation, dedication, capacity and ability to work together. This is one of our strongest features and our aim is to further the necessary means to strengthen it.
  • Reflection and innovation Fostering ongoing, innovative reflection on solidarity as the conceptual basis of our mission and as a guarantee of an adequate response to the new challenges and situations we continually face.
  • Institutional independence The reaffirmation of Intermón Oxfam's economic and political freedom in addition to its freedom of opinion, allowing the organisation to act without constraint in favour of the peoples of the South. A diversified income with a large private component will be one of the guarantees of this independence.
  • Coordination with other NGO's and agencies Coordination with other organisations and agencies whose values and aims we share in order to mutually and efficiently reinforce each others activities.

This is Intermón Oxfam's mission. Women and men, young people and adults, who believe in justice and solidarity and feel an intimate commitment to the peoples of the South and a desire to contribute to changing this world.