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About Us

ChildObesity180 at Tufts University is a national leader in childhood obesity prevention – blending scientific evidence and rigor with innovation and experience from the private sector to develop, implement, evaluate, and scale high-impact initiatives that will reach 80% of children ages 5-12 in the US. ChildObesity180’s unique value proposition rests in the ability to leverage the experiences, intellect, and assets from multiple sectors to address one of society’s most pressing public health problems – childhood obesity. Without bold, widespread, and equitable effort, this epidemic threatens to widen the disparities gap, cripple our nation’s health care budget, decrease productivity, and erode quality of life. ChildObesity180 is committed to do all that it can to drive impact and accelerate progress by providing leadership, collaboration, and partnership at senior levels across a range of organizations that are positioned to play a role in reversing the trend of childhood obesity.