Thousand Islands Land Trust

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About Us

The Thousand Islands Land Trust (TILT) is a not-for-profit corporation organized to conserve the region’s natural beauty, diverse wildlife habitats, water quality and outdoor recreation opportunities of the 1000 Islands region, for present and future generations, through education, easement and property acquisition, and stewardship.

TILT works with private landowners, community and government leaders and organizations, and foundations to conserve the open lands, wetlands, agricultural properties, grasslands, forests, historic sites, scenic views, shorelines, shoals, islands, significant geologic and geographic features, and recreational opportunities of this unique region. TILT encourages public access to its recreational preserves and to its other preserves where this is appropriate.

TILT works to conserve flora and fauna, water and air quality, and the region’s important environmental features. TILT endeavors to strengthen private and public interests in land which is in near natural condition as a means to enhance the public health and welfare and to stimulate human appreciation, scientific research, and education regarding the importance of natural ecosystems.

The result of TILT’s activities is a greater quality of life and an improved foundation for the economy.