Coalition for Kids

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223 SE M Street
Grants Pass
United States

About Us

In a community facing high unemployment and shrinking resources for schools, county and social services, Coalition for Kids helps children and families meet diverse challenges and flourish despite the odds.

We enable collaborative partnerships to create a positive learning environment for children and families - while encouraging them to be healthy, educated and self-sufficient.

To accomplish these objectives, Coalition for Kids:

  • Created and continues to operate the Family Resource Center - a 25,000 sq. ft. "one-stop-shop," that is home to seven non-profit agencies.
  • Operates Coalition for Kids Child Care Center - providing a safe, nurturing learning environment for low-income families with an emphasis on having children "ready to learn" when they enter kindergarten.
  • Works with other community organizations and government agencies to achieve common goals addressing issues such as early childhood development, homeless youth, workforce readiness and youth mentoring.