IMPACT Silver Spring

  • Maryland


8807 Colesville Road
Lower Level
Silver Spring
United States

About Us

IMPACT Silver Spring is a nonprofit located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, one of the most diverse communities in the country. IMPACT’s vision is for every resident to lead a full and quality life in a racially and economically equitable Montgomery County. To achieve our equity goals, IMPACT works for change at 3 levels―changing individual hearts and minds (individual transformation); changing neighborhood dynamics and practices (neighborhood transformation), and changing the greater systems and structures that generate inequitable outcomes (systems transformation). For the past 10 years, IMPACT has been primarily focused on neighborhood transformation in Long Branch, Wheaton, and East County. Our individual and systems transformation goals evolved from our neighborhood work, and were added to a new logic model that was adopted in June 2017. Our systems transformation efforts have been largely focused on a devastating by-product of racial inequity―lack of economic opportunity. 

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