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About Us

The Umpqua Valley Time Exchange (UVTE) is a time bank that facilitates the exchange of services outside of the money economy. For every hour you spend doing something for a person or organization in the UVTE network, you earn one Time Dollar. Then you can use that Time Dollar to buy an hour of a neighbor’s time to help you with things like home repair, housekeeping, yard work, transportation, music lessons, etc. With the UVTE, you can spend more time doing what you love—and less time on what you don’t! It’s a system that brings out the best in people by connecting unmet needs with untapped resources.

There are myriad benefits to time banking. Time banks help members save and stretch their cash. They help members get to know each other—including people of different ages, races, backgrounds, and abilities. They give members access to skill-building and ongoing learning opportunities—as well as fun! They value every member’s assets equally, enabling and encouraging everyone to contribute. They help to create a social network that’s supportive. They help members recognize and take pride in the many gifts they have to offer the community. They help members learn to ask for help when they need it (and they don’t have to feel “bad” about it because they’ve earned the right to ask).

You can volunteer by helping out other individuals in our network, but we also have great volunteer opportunities with our member organizations. When you volunteer for any one of them, you earn Time Dollars like you would with any other UVTE member.

If you are interested in volunteering, joining the UVTE, or learning more about what the Time Exchange can do for you or your organization, please contact Emily at 541-672-2691 x 276, email, or visit If you would like to become a member of the UVTE, please visit our website: Also, be sure to stop by our Facebook page!

The UVTE is a proud member of TimeBanks USA. For more information, visit the TimeBanks USA website: