BME Concern

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Heritage House
79-80 High Street
DA11 0BH
United Kingdom

About Us

BME Concern is UK registered a non-profit organisation, which in the UK promotes learning, inclusion and community cohesion, endeavouring to raise levels of tolerance through education, art, sport and culture. Our organisation also offers for children and young people, with a view to helping them to live as independent and matured members of the community, taking them away from the influence of alcohol drugs and gangs.

BME Concern also works in Africa. Ripples is the name under which BME Concern delivers projects in Africa, Ripples Projects are located in African villages, where we work to empower village women. The effect of empowering a woman has the potential to positively change the future of generations. Ripples empowers African village women, supporting Projects identified by the women, offering Small Enterprise management skills to ensure Project sustainability and develop skills that can result in lifting women out of poverty. When you empower women to help themselves, their family, and their community, you really change the world!