Canadian Mental Health Association- Centre for Mental Health- Orangeville

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295A Broadway
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About Us

To work with the community to provide opportunities for all individuals to enhance their mental health and the quality of their lives and eliminate bigotry, prejudice and the resulting stigmas.

Who do we work with?

  • Individuals who are experiencing mental health issues
  • Individuals in crisis
  • Families and Friends
  • The Community as a Whole

What do we provide?

  • Information & Education: The Centre for Mental Health Library contains information on mental health issues. These include mental health fact sheets, brochures, books, videos and a Database of mental health services in the area.
  • Referral Services: Learn about services available in your community by contacting the Centre for Mental Health. A staff member will explore (over the phone or in person),the person's needs and desires and will develop options in Generic Services, Mental Health Support services and Mental Health Treatment services that the person can then pursue.
  • Support Services: Adults who are experiencing ongoing mental health issues that are significantly affecting their daily lives can apply for support from the Centre for Mental Health. Support ranges from intermittent to ongoing intensive support as needed. We work to increase opportunities for the person to CHOOSE, GET, AND KEEP: housing, employment, education, leisure, relationships, financial stability and social pursuits.

Community Partnerships: The Canadian Mental Health Association works in partnership with the Community Mental Health Clinic and Homewood Health Centre on the Community Support Co-ordination Team. Adults with a significant mental health issue who require longer term support will be referred to the Coordination Team to verify eligibility, to avoid duplication of services and to then link the person to services which best meet their needs.