Європейська Домівка (European House)

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Khimichna str. 20

About Us

"European House" engages in activities of these three areas:

1) Educational. We are promoting adult and children's extracurricular and afterschool education. For two years we are implementing the project called "Start from yourself", in which we offer courses of foreign languages (English, German, Spanish, Polish, and Ukrainian for foreigners), trainings for the development of creative thinking (School of painting and various crafts) and implement a programme of "The club of Family readings " in cooperation with the Center for the study of literature for children and youth.

2) 2) Environmentally - educational – We work to promote raising environmental literacy as a tool needed to build a sound society. To implement this direction in 2013 we launched an initial project "Eco-school" for preschool and primary school age children. In the future there are plans to organize "Eco-school" for high school children and conduct an individual creative project "Eco-city", which includes construction of an eco-city in miniature.

3) 3) Institute of volunteering – We are promoting voluntary work as socially important instrument and a tool needed for people’s subsequent self-actualization. We encourage people of all ages to try themselves as volunteers in various areas and fulfill their own projects.