Bet Yeladim Preschool

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8910 State Route 108
Suite D
United States

About Us

Welcome to Bet Yeladim!/ It starts here. With each child’s curiosity and imagination. With every discovery, every creation, and every interaction children begin to shape what will be the community of tomorrow. That’s why Bet Yeladim has served the families and children of Howard County since 1975 with award winning early childhood education within a Jewish environment. We know that by engaging the family and community in a child’s early education and development, he/she will carry those values into his/her future. So we provide the highest quality early childhood education to all children of diverse backgrounds while fostering Jewish traditions, practices, and values.

Bet Yeladim is a not-for-profit organization located in Columbia, Maryland, established in 1975. We offer Part-Day schedules for children 2 – 4 years old, and Full Day schedules for children 2 months – 4 years old. We are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. (NAEYC)