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Roger Williams Park Zoo
1000 Elmwood Ave.
United States

About Us

Mission statement

Roger Williams Park Zoo strives to engage guests in an extraordinary and unique educational experience to improve their understanding of and appreciation for the natural world. We contribute significantly to the conservation of our earth’s animals, plants and other natural resources by challenging ourselves and our audience to act as responsible environmental stewards.

A partner in species survival

As a partner in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) administered by the AZA, Roger Williams Park Zoo cares for and breeds species that, without human intervention, would face certain extinction. Of the more than 100 species at the zoo, 18 are SSP animals, including the African elephant, Matschie’s tree kangaroos, red wolf and snow leopards. SSP animals are part of a national system of research, record-keeping and breeding that ensures that the genetic pool of a particular species remains healthy and viable. More information about our contribution to the SSP can be found in the conservation section of our website.

A leader in conservation and environmental education

Roger Williams Park Zoo is a leader in environmental education and conservation efforts undertaken both around the globe and right here in New England as well. Learn more about these efforts on our website, www.rwpzoo.org.