Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

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1361 Wrighton Road
United States

About Us

1. Land Stewardship Mission We will practice stewardship that avoids or minimizes environmental damage in order to maintain diverse and healthy natural habitats. Education programs, research projects, public access and other activities will be conducted in a way that prevents long-term damage to habitats and natural features. We will restore areas that were degraded by past actions.

2. Research Mission We will conduct research and monitoring that teaches the public of all ages - - visitors, students and volunteers - - about natural history and wetland ecology. Research objectives are to investigate local environmental quality, to investigate plant and animal ecology and to study biogeochemical cycling and water quality in the Patuxent River and its wetlands. Studies will focus on relevant conservation issues and will be linked to ongoing local or national research and monitoring efforts whenever feasible.

3. Education Mission We will provide science-based, discovery-centered and hands-on educational activities about natural history and ecological interrelationships. Observation, description and experimentation will be important elements of these programs. Activities will focus on habitats (especially wetlands), ecosystems and the Patuxent River watershed.

4. Volunteer Mission We will maintain a supportive, educational volunteer program in which volunteers learn about the natural world while they contribute to scientific understanding and habitat protection. Stewardship, research and education activities will be conducted in ways that respond to volunteer interest and abilities.