The David School

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352 Success Bound Road

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About Us

The David School is nestled in a hollow in the town of David Kentucky, population 400. The school is a two-story log cabin style structure that sits at the base of David Mountain. The mountains surrounding the school represent the heart of Appalachia, the place we live and love.

Since 1974, The David School has remained dedicated to providing a place where students who have long thought of themselves as failures can experience success, individual growth, and self-worth. Our average student enters at age 16 as a freshman or sophomore with 6th grade reading and math levels.  Our organizational goals are first of all academic, emphasizing literacy. Just as important, however, we are committed to encouraging pride in our students’ Kentucky roots and developing a lifelong “habit” of labor and service to their community– of “learning while serving.”

To fulfill these goals, we have developed a non-traditional, comprehensive, nationally recognized high school program that includes a work-study component. Attention is individualized; the environment is nurturing; goals for each student are specific. The curriculum is tailored to a student learning style that tends to be more kinesthetic and visual than auditory. In addition to English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, Wood Shop (which also enhances both reading and math skills) is required each year a student is enrolled. Beyond the traditional classroom, we use our extensive grounds, school garden, and woods to teach environmental education and as a hands-on vehicle to support academic skills.

Students learn life skills by working alongside faculty to build trusting relationships. The community gathers for reflection every morning, sits together at lunch, and enjoys student-faculty recreational activities. They work together in the kitchen to prepare the food and clean up after the noon meal, tend the school garden, and serve as the building’s custodial staff.  It is an intensive, expensive program, but it works.

A committed volunteer effort has allowed us to serve youth at risk for more than 4 decades. Teachers are  volunteers that work for a monthly stipend and living expenses are provided by the school.