Lake Plains 4-H Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe and Wayne Counties

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About Us

The Lake Plains 4-H Program brings together 4-H youth, volunteers, staff, and resources from Monroe and Wayne Counties to plan and implement high quality 4-H youth development and education programs. While each county retains its identity and responds to county-specific needs, we benefit from the expanded programs made possible through the dual-county structure.

Lake Plains 4-H utilizes the following delivery methods: • 4-H Families: Children and their families explore topics and events at a level of involvement that meets their busy schedules. Youth ages 5-19 may join 4-H as an individual member and participate in activities of their choice. This option offers families greater flexibility to become involved in 4-H without joining an existing 4-H club in their community. • Community-based Clubs: An adult volunteer leader starts a 4-H club in his or her neighborhood with some local children. The club selects one or more projects. The group usually meets about once a month at the leader’s home, county 4-H office or center, or other convenient location(s). • In-School/Afterschool Programs: A teacher or another interested adult conducts a club meeting at a designated time during class. The teacher might select 4-H projects that are relevant to the class and subject(s) being taught, or offer a project just for fun. • Professional Development: The 4-H office will help any individual, agency, and organization with resource material or consultation regarding youth development, within the limits of time, staff, and mission of the 4-H Program.