Sisters of Sakia

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PO Box 743038
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

SISTERS OF SAKIA is a Collective that Exists to Empower and Specifically Address the Needs of Young Queer Women of African Descent. SOS seeks to Affirm and enforce a positive presence as out, black lesbian youth; Build a network of progressive Same Gender Loving women; Empower us politically; Promote the longstanding heritage of active and outstanding Black Lesbians/Queer Women in American history; Highlight issues of coming out and staying out; Address issues of gender identification; Connect our membership to resources for education, employment, health, and other matters; Connect our membership to volunteer organizations and opportunities; Elevate awareness of challenges facing black queer youth; and Provide training and planning for grass roots activism. These Goals are Met through Education, Volunteerism, Outreach, Activism, and Social Enrichment. SISTERS OF SAKIA was Named in Honor of Sakia Gunn, who has Come to Symbolize the Struggle of Black Queer Youth and general and Black Lesbians/Queer Women in General.