La Lutta New Media Collective

  • NY


982 Lorimer St.
United States

About Us

La Lutta New Media Collective (NMC), a non-profit, community-based organization, is a diverse group of people united to promote a greater level of social awareness through new media. Serving two critical roles, La Lutta is a vital resource for community empowerment. First, La Lutta offers new media technical assistance to non-profit, community and grassroots groups unable to incorporate appropriate technological strategies into their daily operations. Secondly, La Lutta is a production house for these groups as well as students, artists, and individuals who lack the proper forum for expression, creativity, and information sharing.

Through partnerships and collaboration, La Lutta brings together a wide range of individuals with new media skills to provide expertise for those who are committed to addressing various social issues, but do not have the resources, financial or otherwise, to successfully carry out their activities. We focus on education, visual and performing arts, and multimedia outreach activity.