Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission

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About Us

Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission or “KKOOM” (pronounced “koom” with a strong ‘k’ sound) was founded in September 2007 as an extension of an ongoing volunteer project at Samsungwon, an orphanage in Gumi, South Korea, which began back in the fall of 2004. Thanks to growing and increased funding, the original foreign (American) volunteers at Samsungwon decided to launch a new nonprofit organization to grow their efforts at Samsungwon and reach out to other orphans and orphanages throughout South Korea.

We are organized to perform the following five tasks:

1. to improve and enrich the lives of orphans and other children living in orphanages and group homes in South Korea by providing daily living necessities, educational materials and experiences, and special events and programming; 2. to support these youth after they leave the institutions and start their own lives by providing post-high-school-graduation education, support services, and resources; 3. to aid the institutions and staff that devote their resources to the upbringing of these youth by supporting facilities projects and improvements and day-to-day activities; 4. to spread awareness about and build compassion for children living in South Korean orphanages and group homes through local activities and the maintenance of a website containing general information about the corporation and its activities; 5. to engage in legal charitable fundraising activities in order to raise money for the purposes specified above.