Minmahaw School (formerly Minmahaw Education Foundation)

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Teaching programs for Secondary, Post-10 and Teacher Education

Minmahaw School, established in 2009, is a boarding school for disadvantaged Burmese students, of diverse ethnicity, aged 16 to 23 years. The School is based in Mae Sot, Thailand, on the Thai-Myanmar border. Students at Minmahaw School have varied educational backgrounds;  they may come from refugee camps, small village schools, one of the many migrant schools within the Myanmar/Thai border region, or following one or two years in a Myanmar university. Through leadership opportunities and classes at Minmahaw School in English, maths, science, social studies, computer studies, environmental studies and selected additional subjects, all delivered in the English language, students are well positioned, upon graduation, to pursue further study or to become leaders in their own communities. 

All teaching reflects ‘International best practice’ – that is, contemporary, experiential education – with the main aims of improving students’ English fluency, and developing their thinking skills and confidence – Minmahaw teaches students how to learn.

The intensive English immersion programs that Minmahaw School offers are:

  1. Applied English Summer School Program, from mid-March until the end of May each year, and catering to students, some with little English, from communities on both sides of the Thai-Myanmar border.
  2. Secondary / Post Ten Academic Program, commencing at the beginning of June each year, and concluding in mid-March of the following year. To enter this program, students must sit an English entrance exam followed by interviews in both English and Burmese.
  3. Teacher Training Course, running in conjunction with the three terms of the Secondary Academic Program each year. Students enter this program by application, and must have completed the Secondary Academic Program at Minmahaw School, or have previous teaching experience.  

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